• Um pote 100% lã e colorido para cultivar
    A colorful pot 100% wool
  • Air Plants
  • Deixe-os cultivar e ajudar a preparar o que vão comer
    Let them grow
    and help prepare
    what they will eat
  • Com Life in a bag é divertido da semente ao prato
    With Life in a bag cooking is funny

Grow Bag

With this bag you can grow all year round and in a simple way Coriander, Basil, Thyme and Mint.

Grow Box

Microgreens are the young leaves of the vegetables with intense flavor and healthy.

Grow Cork

A cork pot with everything included to grow aromatic herbs and edible flowers.

Grow Pencil

An aromatic pencil with seeds that when it's short wants to be a plant.

Air Plants

Plants that only need water and air to give life to your home

Wool Pot

A 100% wool and colored pot to grow your aromatic or flowers

Nutri Ventures

Kit to create a vertical garden without drilling the wall

Grow Block

Create your nutri-horta to keep your home full of Nutri-Powers!