3 Grow Pencil Mix

9.90 €

Set of 3 aromatic pencil with seeds of coriander, sunflower and cherry tomato


Give a new life to a pencil! When it's short, put it in a pot with soil and it will transform in an herb or an eatable flower. Grow Pencil is a different way to offer a gift to your friends and family.

This pencil could also be tottaly costumized to creat green marketing campains or promote events. Make the difference! Offer a gift that is environmental friendly and promote the sustainability of planet Earth. Offer a gift with life!

Weight: 20 gr x 3
Size: 6 x 21 cm x 3
Materials: Cedar tree wood and graphite
Expiration: 2 years

  1. When the pencil is too short, you can bury the white part into a pot with soil
  2. Slightly bury the pencil with some angle. Bury only the white part
  3. Add some water and keep the soil moist. The seeds germinate after 7-14 days
  4. Place the pot in a local with some hours of sun
  5. When the soil appears to be dry (check with your finger), add some water

What is the white part?

It's a jelly capsul, the same as used in medicins. It's where the seeds are and it's biodegradable.


Can I put the white part in the mouth?

Yes, without any problem, but probably you will find that seed are not so tasty.


When to add water?

Herbs and flowers like a damp soil, but not soaked. Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, add a equivalent to cup of coffe with water.


Can I use any soil?

You can use any soil, but a quality soil will improve the grown and quality of the plants.


Is the aroma very intense?

The aroma is not very intense and it's not toxic. Over the time, the smell will dissipate.


Will it grow again?

Most os herbs are perennial, this means they will live more than 2 years. After that, you must change the soil and add more seeds.

How much is the shipping cost

To Continental Portugal the shipping has fixed cost of 4,00€. For orders above 50 € the shipping is free.

How long does it take to deliver?

The scheduled delivery date for Europe is 3-4 days.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by ATM reference (available only for Portugal), bank transfer and credit card by PayPal.

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