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Basil Grow Bag

Basil Grow Bag

You can grow organic basil indoors all year round! This unique grow bag kit is great for small space and urban gardeners.
13.90 €

Grow fresh basil at home in just a few days and all year round. Just add water to this grow bag kit and find a light, warm spot such as a kitchen windowsill.

A leakproof bag, a package of organic seeds, soil, clay and instructions.

Our bag is reusable and there are enough seeds for several crops.

Weight: 300 gr
Size: 7 x 18 x 15 cm
Materials: Kraft paper
Best before date: 2 years


  1. Cut the Grow Bag, remove the soil and seeds packet. Leave the clay pebbles at the bottom and fill with soil.
  2. Open the seeds packet, sprinkle a few seeds on top of the soil and slightly cover the seeds until half centimeter. 
  3. Keep the soil moisten but not over-watering (a bottle spray works well).
  4. Cover with the plastic bag and set in a warm place with natural light but without direct sun.
  5. Check daily if the soil is moisten. When the seeds germinate (7-14 days), remove the plastic bag and keep in a natural light spot.
  6. Add water when the soil appears to be dry. When the plants are mature they need water every day.


When and how to grow?

Basil can be grown indoors all year round, but we recommend you to grow during spring and summer months.

Does basil need sun or shade?

Basil likes around six hours of sunlight.The plants will do best when set on a south-facing window sill.

When you should add water?

Basil does its best in well-drained, moist soil with a neutral pH. Not sure when to water? Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, add just a bit of water.

When to harvest?

Basil will be good to give your dish some flavour and colour 2-3 months after being sown. Harvest the leaves from the top down, cutting back up to a third of the total plant height. Be sure to cut or pinch right above a leaf pair rather than leaving a stub.

Will it grow again?

Basil is an anual plant. After collecting all leaves, you must change the soil and add more seeds.

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