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Plantable Bookmark - Set of 4

Plantable Bookmark - Set of 4

Set of 4 plantable bookmarks, with illustrations of flowers and fruits.
8.90 €

The bookmarks are made from seed paper. The seed paper is made from cotton rags mixed with water and organic seeds that creates a pulp and then it’s compressed and dried to create sheets of paper. The sheets are printed with the bookmarks and then goes to a die cutting process that makes a paper card with the bookmark shape ready to grow flower. 

This paper can also be fully costumized to create green marketing campaigns or promote events. Offer a gift that is environmental friendly and promote the sustainability.

4 plantable bookmarks 20x5,5 cm made from seed paper.


Soak the paper overnight, cut it into pieces, put it into a pot with soil (or garden) and water until is moist. 


How and when to grow?

You can sown at the end of every month, but we recommend to do it on the spring months. Soak the paper overnight and then on a pot or in the garden, rip the paper into small pieces, cover slightly with soil and add water.

Where to plant?

Place in a location with plenty of natural light and a few hours of sun a day.

When to add water?

You must add water until the paper gets wet. Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, you must add some water.

How does the paper is made?

The paper is made out of raps of cotton wich by a manual procedure turns into paper sheets where we put the seeds.

What are the seeds?

Calendar sheets can have chamomile, poppy or daisy seeds.

Can I costumize it?

Yes, we can add your logo or your message, as well as do other formats. Contact us through info@lifeinabag.pt.

How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping to Europe depends on the order weight but starts on 9 €. The shipping cost to Portugal is 5,50 €.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time for Europe is 4-5 days.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal.