Calendar 2020 Violeta Cor de Rosa

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A 2020 calendar to plant one month at a time. Recycled cotton paper embedded with flower seeds.


A 2020 calendar with 12 ilustrations by Joana Soares - VIOLETA COR DE ROSA, printed in paper with seeds and cork support.
Growing instructions:

Rip the calendar days into small pieces, place in a pot with soil, cover with soil and add water.

You should check regularly to keep the soil moist.


How and when to grow?

You can sown at the end of everymonth, but we recommend you to do it on Spring months. On a pot or in your garden, rip it into small pieces, cover slightly with soil and add water.wb_sunny

Does he like sun?

Thyme, oregano and chamomile love sun and must be in a place with a few hours of sunlight exposure a day.


When to add water?

You must add water until the paper gets wet. Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, you must add some water.


How does the paper is made?

The paper is made out of raps of cotton wich by a manual procedure turns into paper sheets where we put the seeds.


When to harvest?

Herbs and flowers are ready to give colour and flavour to your dishes 3 to 4 months after being sown.


Can I costumize it?

Yes, ye can add your logo or your message, as well as do other formats. Contact us through

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