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Peppermint Bottle Garden

Peppermint Bottle Garden

A recycled glass bottle where you can grow your peppermint.
14.90 €

A recycled wine bottle where you can grow your peppermint in a easy way.
In this bottle we include the seeds, soil and instructions. Just spread the seeds, water and wait 1 to 2 weeks to germinate. 

A cut glass bottle, cork lid, clay pebbles, organic soil and seeds.

Ø: 7 cm, H: 10 cm

Spread the seeds and slightly cover with soil. Spray every day until germinated. Add water when the soil looks dry. Check with your finger.

When and how to grow?

Peppermint can be grown indoors all year round, but we recommend you to grow during spring and summer months.

Does peppermint need sun or shade?

Peppermint likes around four hours of sunlight.The plants will do best when set on a south-facing window sill.

When you should add water?

Peppermint likes a well-drained and moist soil. Not sure when to water? Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, add just a bit of water.

When to harvest?

Peppermint is ready to harvest after 3-4 months of being sown.

Will it grow again?

Peppermint is an perennial plant, but it must be treated as an anual plant. You must change the soil and add more seeds.

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