Strawberry Tree Grow Bag

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The Strawberry Tree is an autochthonous tree that could reach up to 6 meters high. Their fruits are eatable.

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With this kit you can grow a Strawberry Tree in an easy way. It also can be an original gift. The fruits are eatable and have a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. They also contain a small amount of alcohol.

The Strawberry Tree can be found in all Portugal, but it’s more common in the south of the country, where local people uses this fruit to make alcoholic beverages, as the famous “Medronheiro Brandy” of Algarve.

Our Grow Bag is made up of an leakproof bag, a package of organic seeds, soil, clay and instructions to grow successfully

Our bag is reusable, and this kit contains seeds to grow several times

Weight: 300 gr
Size: 7 x 18 x 15 cm
Materials: Kraft paper
Durability: 2 years

  1. Cut the Grow Bag, remove the soil and seeds packet. Leave the clay pebbles at the bottom and fill with soil.
  2. Open the seeds packet, sprinkle a few seeds on top of the soil and slightly cover the seeds until half centimeter. 
  3. Keep the soil moisten but not over-watering (a bottle spray works well). 
  4. Cover with the plastic bag and set in a warm place with natural light but without direct sun. Check daily if the soil is moisten.
  5. When the seeds germinate (7-14 days), remove the plastic bag and keep in a natural light spot.
  6. Add water when the soil appears to be dry. When the plants are mature they need water every day.
  7. When the tree has 20cm height, you should move it from the bag to his ultimate place.

When and how to grow?

The Strawberry Tree Grow Bag can be grown inside our house all year long.


He likes sun?

Strawberry Tree loves sun and must be in a place plenty of natural light.


When you should add water?

Strawberry Trees like the soil moised, but not with too much water. Check with your finger: If the soil is dry, add just a bit of water.


When to harvest?

Strawberry Tree fruits are ready to be eated 5 years after the tree beign sown.


Will it grow again?

Strawberry Tree will grow every year between October and February.

How much is the shipping cost

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How long does it take to deliver?

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How can I pay?

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