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Tips to your garden

Choosing the place
First of all it is necessary to know the space that the garden will occupy. One window? A bookshelf? A whole balcony?
And from there choose a place that receives sun for at least 4 hours a day and that is airy but does not catch much wind.
Light is a food for the plant. Because we need water and food, the plant needs water, light and nutrients. Without sunlight (or artificial light with the same spectrum) the plant does not photosynthesize and does not survive.

Prepare the soil
Mix half of earth and half of organic compost or earthworm humus.

Where to plant
You can plant it on the Grow Bag, Grow Cork or Mini Garden, in bottles, flowerpots or vertical structures. Fill the bottom of the pt with crushed stone or bricks to aid drainage.

What to plant
You can choose herbs or small vegetables such as lettuce, coriander, basil, rocket or cherry tomatoes.
If you have never taken care of a plant, basil is a good choice - it grows quickly and warns you when there is dry.
Note: smaller seeds do not need to be buried. Only cover slightly with the substrate.

When to add water
Check with your finger if the soil is damp and only add water if it is dry. You should keep in mind that over watering can be just as harmful as not watering.

Cares to have
If old, dried or rotten leaves appear, remove them. They are the gateway to the plant's weakening.

What are the main mistakes made by a home gardener?

  • Forget to add water, exaggerate the volume of water and leave in a shady place
  • Plant many varieties in the same pot
  • Do not prepare the pot for drainage
  • Do not remove the weeds
  • Do not fertilize