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Chicken and Vegetables Wraps
Chicken and Vegetables Wraps

Chicken and Vegetables Wraps

by Frango do Campo

Photos by Ricardo Silva Fotografia

Ingredients (for 4 wraps):
4 tortillas (or try this recipe)
1 boiled chicken breast or leftover steaks already grilled (or grilled)
2 carrots
1 white cabbage mayonnaise to taste
Watercress Microgreens Life in a Bag - https://www.lifeinabag.pt/pt/microvegetais-uno-agriao

Cut carrots and cabbage into julienne. Spoon the chicken into chips. Mix the carrot and cabbage with a handful of micro vegetables and add the chicken. Add mayonnaise to taste and wrap everything up. Spread the mixture in the center of the tortillas and roll up. It can be served at a party, cut into pieces and "sprinkled" with microvegetais or simply carry for lunch in replacement of the traditional sandwich.