Wool Pot Viola Tricolor

A 100% wool pot to grow wild pansys or viola tricolor. Is available in 3 colors, blue, gray and yellow.
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A waterproof wool pot (Ø: 14 cm, H: 12 cm) protected with natural rubber, growing instructions, clay pebbles, soil, cork trivet and organic seeds.

How to grow

  1. Remove the cork trivet, instructions, seeds and soil. Leave the clay pebbles at the bottom and fill the pot with the soil.
  2. Open the seed packet and add 15 to 20 seeds on top of the soil and bury them slightly up to half a centimeter (if the seeds are small do not bury and just cover with soil). Save the rest of the seeds for other growing experiences.
  3. Keep the soil moisten but not over-watering (a bottle spray works well). 
  4. Cover with the plastic bag and set in a warm place with natural light. Check daily if the soil is moisten.
  5. When the seeds germinate (7-14 days), remove the plastic bag and keep in a natural light spot with a few hours of sunlight.
  6. When the soil appears to be dry (check with your finger), add an expresso cup (10 cl) of water - check regularly
  7. The cork cover could be used as a trivet to protect your table from hot dishes.
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