Picture of Microgreens in agar-agar alfalfa Picture of Microgreens in agar-agar alfalfa

Microgreens in agar-agar alfalfa

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All you need to grow alfalfa through agar-agar and without having to water.


Agar-agar is an extract of seaweed that after heating is in the form of vegetable gelatine.

The micro-vegetables are the first leaves of vegetables, which are harvested very early, have an intense taste, are quite healthy and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals beneficial to health.

The agar is used to replace the substrate or soil and simply add 2 grams of agar with half a liter of water and heat until boiling. After cooling it is to spread the seeds and wait 10-15 days to be able to harvest the microverduras. The agar will "feed" the vegetables, being a simple way to grow your own vegetables so that they can accompany the meals.

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